OWL version of schema.org

Contact: Holger Knublauch (updated 2016-08-15)

See also: SHACL version of schema.org

This version of the schema.org namespace has been created with the goal of supporting the use of the schema.org data model with semantic technology tools based on OWL and RDF. It uses the same identifiers as the official version but applies the following conventions that are hopefully well suited for many RDF/OWL tools:

There is an alternative "single-range" version that has the following treatment of property ranges:

While the original schema.org design focuses on making it easy for content providers to use it (with a great deal of flexibility), the main use case of this OWL version is for RDF-based data entry and storage of data. In a nutshell, people should be able to create instances of the schema.org classes with off-the-shelf ontology and instance editors (such as TopBraid Composer and TopBraid Enterprise Vocabulary Net) and then store the data in an RDF triple store. From the triple store it then becomes possible to generate HTML web pages with embedded RDFa or Microdata annotations.

Graph URI (for owl:imports): http://topbraid.org/schema/   Turtle  RDF/XML