TopBraid SPIN API 1.2.0 API

org.topbraid.spin.arq Converter from Jena ARQ to the SPIN object model.
org.topbraid.spin.constraints Support for constraint checking using spin:constraint.
org.topbraid.spin.inference Support for inferencing using spin:rule and spin:constructor.
org.topbraid.spin.model The SPIN object model (subclasses of Jena Resource).
org.topbraid.spin.model.print Support for rendering SPIN objects into Strings.
org.topbraid.spin.model.update The SPIN object model for SPARQL UPDATE language (subclasses of Jena Resource).
org.topbraid.spin.model.visitor Support for traversing SPIN object trees.
org.topbraid.spin.spr Support for working with SPIN Result Sets (SPR).
org.topbraid.spin.spr.spra Default implementation of the SPR protocol.
org.topbraid.spin.statistics Support for collecting statistics about the execution time of SPIN queries.
org.topbraid.spin.system Core factories and registries for SPIN.
org.topbraid.spin.util Various utilities that don't fit elsewhere.
org.topbraid.spin.vocabulary Provides access to the SPIN system namespaces.


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